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Ink in Milk

Gernot Wieland | 12:30

Ink in Milk is Wieland’s most recent film – a knotted string-figure of histories, fictions and images. Through the flickering vignettes of a schoolboy trauma, visits to a friend at a psychiatric institution and encounters with animals, Ink in Milk exposes the anxious, web-like structures that underpin the tragicomedy of existence. The artist’s narrative is accompanied by a series of schematic, childlike diagrams, line drawings, ink paintings, plasticine animations, and crystalline sculptural forms, punctuated with super 8 film clips. Sometimes these images illustrate the narrative voice as gathered evidence; at other points they are oblique documents, disrupting chains of causality.

Ink in Milk was awarded with the EMAF Media Art Award of the German Film critics (VDFK) in April 2019.

Ink in milk.png
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