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Benedikte Esperi | 6,22 min

'Conversation is quite necessary. But the slightest conversation is a highly schizophrenic exercise happening between two individuals with common resources and a taste for ellipse and verbal shortcuts. Conversation is composed of immobility interspersed with long silences; it can give you ideas. Communication always comes too early or too late, and when it comes to creating, conversation is always superfluous' - Deleuze and Guattari

Conversation .png

This video aims to examine the physicality and philosophical aspects of the concept 'conversations' with a choreographers voice; represented by the work of Benedikte Esperi. The video was screened during 2020 on two Billboards for ZAZ10 Gallery in NYC at Times Square and is one of her key-works, highly appreciated both by viewers and reviewers.

Dansfilm Festivalen pá Ringön Sverige invites “Conversations”

by Benedikter Esperi  to PCF

Dansfest Gothenburg Benedikte.001.jpg
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