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Minningar in Icelandic means "Memories".

Minningar is a music and art project focused to collect sounds of nature in a kind of catalog. The project was born in Iceland by starting to collect the sounds of the Snæfellsjökull glacier and to map the sounds of the whole region around the glacier, called Snaefellsnes. In addition to mapping the sounds of nature with field recording tracks, they decides to create a form of music compositions by recording 2 long tracks  that have as their theme all the sounds collected in Snaefellsnes, starting from the top of the glacier, following the rivers rising  from the glacier that they end in to the ocean.

The project was born in 2020 following the great climate changes of the last decades that are accelerating the melting of glaciers in the Arctic at an exponential rate. The debut album was recorded,mixed and mastered in the fall of 2020 at the Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavik.  there are two music tracks (1.From the Ocean,2.To the Ocean)of 18 minutes each one,4 field recording tracks of 10 minutes each one and a track "Songhellir" recorded with Kalimba in a cave located up the glacier that is famous in the old Eddas for the echos. For the album release they will perform live in Reykjavik and there will be an exhibition of asoundinstallation with field recording tracks and a collection of drawings on painted using the water from the ice taken from Snæfellsjökull. the paintings are created by the hands of an italian icelandic based artist Rossana Silvia, who with Daniele decided to leave in art form the memory from the ice of the glacier.


Eyrún Engilbertsdóttir

(multi-instrumental musician composer),

Úlfur Hansson

(artist,musician,composer,music instruments creator collaborations with Bjork,Jonsi Sigur Ros),

Magnus Bergsson

(pioneer in Icealnd of the field recordings since 1980,founder of Field,

Daniele Girolamo

(musician composer,sound artist,visual artist and designer).

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