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US  I  2016  I  2,22’  I  Jo Roy

Lost Angeles-based filmmaker and dancer Jo Roy responds to Stephen Fry’s tongue-in-cheek rant on his aversion to dance.
Stephen Fry Hates Dancing
A spirited response to the comedian's contrary confession
On hearing English writer and comedian Stephen Fry express his strong dislike of dancing, Los Angeles-based filmmaker and dancer Jo Roy responded in the most appropriate way she could: through the medium of interpretive dance. In a film likely to make the outspoken Brit shudder, the choreographer and director filmed herself performing a moving reaction to his energetic outburst.



Director, Choreographer, Dancer and Editor by Jo Roy

Director of Photography by Pietro Torrisi

Narration by Stephen Fry


A commentary on the repulsive nature of dance, as told through dance. Jo Roy is a Canadian director and choreographer of music videos, commercials and choreography-based content. 

Her work has been featured by Vimeo, Nowness, Film School Rejects, and Dance Magazine.


From Stepher Fry twitter:

“Sent here from Stephen's twitter feed. I somewhat feel the same way (I hate to dance myself, and feel uncomfortable when watching it) however, this was funny, beautifully shot, excellently choreographed and a touch of genius in it's execution. Well done Jo”

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