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IS I 2016 I 6' I Helena Jónsdóttir


Perfect humans is a series of 10 portraits of “non dancers” people who chooses their locations, a place they know well and feel at home. Then they choose their own outfits and favorite music they like to dance too.
Then they are off... the camera is on for up to two hours. After that it is in Helena´s hands. She chooses moments that capture their present and character, the perfect human in that moment, “Just as they are”.
The music is either specially composed for the film or all ready made with permission from the composer. The performers do not take part in the post production. 
The Perfect humans series is inspired by “Perfect human” (1967) a short film by the danish director Jorgen Leth.


Video installation and video projection by Helena Jónsdóttir
Performance and original movements by Friðgeir Einarsson
Location: Trésmiðjan, Reykjavík, Iceland
HProductions Belgium/Iceland 2016


About HJ

The human interest has always been present in Helena´s films. With films like Birgir (2001), Zimmer (2004) and While the cat´s away (2003) she has explored the every day movements and intimate worlds of our everyday lives, emphasizing the way we all dance with our bodies in our own unique ways. With the Perfect Humans series Helena explores the dance of everyday people even further. 
Still working with the camera as a dance partner, finding ways and language to capture movement on film. The more to explore the more work ahead, so there for it all starts with the movement inside.

Pina Bausch said it best 
“I'm not interested in how people move, but what moves them. ..”

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