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Rakel Jónsdóttir | 9 min

A mesmerizing voyage into the realm of the psyche. Silently flowing movements due to alternating attractive and repulsive forces, generated by a periodic magnetic field originated from within. Resonating between two extremes.


Directed,written and produced by Rakel Jónsdóttir Original

Music Score Mikael Lind

Cinematography Björgvin Sigurðarson

Choreography Sigurður Arent Jónsson and Bergþóra Einarsdóttir

Performers: Bergþóra Einarsdóttir, Haukur Valdimar Pálsson and Sigurður Arent Jónsson

Costumes by Magga Sigga

Props: Hallveig Kristín Eiríksdóttir

Techical Advisor: Frímann Kjerúlf

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