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Teresa Sala, Gabriel Beddoes, Ilaria Vergani, Mattia Parisolo | 8,22 min

Ben opens his eyes in the humid morning of a midseason. To welcome him, still lit, the lights of the city, its traffic lights, the murky river. White as an empty sheet, Ben does not know the codes of language, much less those of the body.

His awakening trudges through the puddles of water and the flight of seagulls, in a new world that surprises him. Overwhelmed with moving images - human gestures and mechanical motions in the urban chaos - pulled like a pawn by a sharp tram, Ben tries to assimilate and imitate what he sees.

And in this almost synchronicity, in this carrying and wandering, he stumbles into a creature similar to him: a counterweight with which to talk, a friendly body that soothes his gaze. So Ben is now free to dance life in the fog.

BEN unites four authors from different contexts and backgrounds in a form of equal collaboration. The film is an original production of Associazione COORPI , within the artistic residence "Film in 4D - Seeing music, dancing images", curated by Rosa Canosa, with the mentorship of Helena Jonsdottir.

The starting point was the famous film by Dziga Vertov "The man with the camera" (1929), a 20th century manifesto, on which we asked ourselves to develop a viable means of communication, using different languages explorable in the film medium.

The answer was the attempt to draft a modern-day citizen manifesto, not shouted to the public, but based on a subtle dialogue with the most intimate part of the viewer, which could motivate and encourage a change, a revolution of attention towards the subject through a logical and emotional journey.

All while maintaining an experimentation approach, in which the result is proposed in three different versions: wetsuit, with only diegetic sounds and an immersive sound processing.



Teresa Sala / Director - Writer - Cinematographer - Editor

Ilaria Vergani Bassi / Director - Writer - Cinematographer - Choreographer - Editor

Gabriel Beddoes / Director - Writer - Choreographer

Mattia Parisotto / Director - Writer - Sound Recordist

COORPI / Producer

Aldo Rendina / Performer “Ben”

Doriana Crema / Performer “Dory”

Lucia Carolina De Rienzo / Executive Producer

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