White dance

Eva Ingemarsson | 3,49 min

Experiments with different materials, film technology, exposure and distance, to access a kind of fog or
burnout, an effect to reflect another time, place, or another consciousness. Inspired by the artists Tony Oursler and Bill Viola.

Eva Ingemarsson Dance Production is a dance company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, at Atalante, a place for experimental performing arts.  The choreographer and artistic director Eva Ingemarsson works with different combinations of artists, dancers, composers and visual artists. Eva Ingemarsson has worked as a choreographer since 1978 and she has collaborate with composer and filmer Niklas Rydén for a long time.


Niklas Rydén is a composer, filmer and artistic director for Atalante and New Opera CO. He conducts work there to develop new forms of musical drama. Niklas Rydén also works a lot with text and film in his art. He has worked closely with several choreographers and artists over the years.   www.evaingemarsson.se  /  www.newopera.se   /  www.atalante.org

Dansfilm Festivalen pá Ringön Sverige invites “White dance”

by Benedikter Esperi  to PCF


Stockfish Film Festival

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