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White dance

Eva Ingemarsson | 3,49 min

Experiments with different materials, film technology, exposure and distance, to access a kind of fog or
burnout, an effect to reflect another time, place, or another consciousness. Inspired by the artists Tony Oursler and Bill Viola.

White dans .png

Eva Ingemarsson Dance Production is a dance company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, at Atalante, a place for experimental performing arts.  The choreographer and artistic director Eva Ingemarsson works with different combinations of artists, dancers, composers and visual artists. Eva Ingemarsson has worked as a choreographer since 1978 and she has collaborate with composer and filmer Niklas Rydén for a long time.


Niklas Rydén is a composer, filmer and artistic director for Atalante and New Opera CO. He conducts work there to develop new forms of musical drama. Niklas Rydén also works a lot with text and film in his art. He has worked closely with several choreographers and artists over the years.  /   /

Dansfest Gothenburg Benedikte.001.jpg

Dansfilm Festivalen pá Ringön Sverige invites “White dance”

by Benedikter Esperi  to PCF

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