BE  I  2001  I  10’  I  Cel Crabeels

We see a man in a three-piece suit standing against an equally grey background. Everything exudes the pedestrian, to such an extent that it looks as if there is nothing to be seen. But then the man begins to make rather extraordinary movements and even later it becomes clear that he is attempting to take off the waistcoat without taking off his jacket. After a long struggle he eventually succeeds in doing this marvelously by applying the same agility that women come up with when they want to take of their bra without having to take of all of their clothes. 

An interchange takes place between male and female, and moreover also between the gesture and its mirror image when this is repeated in reverse. That turning around on itself, the works with reversals and opposites, are a typical characteristic of Crabeels’ recent work


Stockfish Film Festival

Bíó Paradís


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