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IS | 2018 | 10'| Hrund Atladóttir

The backdrop of the video is Ok and the area around it.

Ok was a glacier in south west Iceland and is the first glacier to have disappeared. Where the glacier used to be we can now see the crater that lay underneath.


One moment standing in the midst of nature can be an eternity. 




Directed by Hrund Atladóttir

Music and performance by Borgar Magnason

Assistant Alda Daníelsdóttir 

The dance performed by Borgar in the video has a strong affinity with the Japanese Butho dance, taking the audience on a backward journey to primordial states of being. Painted white but still in his suit he resembles an ancient Icelandic ghost dressed up in his sunday suit.  In the video we see the convergence of the seemingly disparate cultures of these two volcanic islands.

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