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Uk  I  1995  I  5'  I  Rosemary Lee and Peter Anderson

Filmed on the coast or Norfolk, the film explores the imaginary, magical world of an eight year old boy who conjures up his imaginary twin. Rippling with animal imagery and shamanistic conjuring, it is about the boy’s perceptions of the world and his realisation of his own place in the universe





Between close ups and long shot we can piece together gesture, intention, space and terrain in this beautiful depiction of the intensity of child’s play- the choreography remains true to the un-thought, incipient actions of childhood, and the direction privileges each moment with grand, almost monumental shots.

RealTime 1998

Although avoiding all dance steps this miniature , edited with a sense of rhythm, has been described as “a little masterpiece of cinematographer’s art.

The British Council

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