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Perfect Human

DK I 1967 I 13 min I Jorgen Leth

The Perfect Human (Danish: Det perfekte menneske) is a cult short film in black and white by Jørgen Leth lasting 13 minutes about a middle class Danish couple performing everyday rituals. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 1967. The film examines human behavior in a suave, pseudo-scientific way. It depicts well-dressed actors, a man and a woman, both labelled 'the perfect human' in a detached manner, 'functioning' in a blank boundless room, as though they were subjects in a zoo. The tone of world-weary detachment is created through a voice-over providing comments on their mundane actions.     

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Íslensk frumsýning á “cult” stuttmyndinni eftir Jorgen Leth sem hafði mikil áhrif á danska kvikmyndagerð enda gerði Lars Von Trier heimildarmynd um myndina með Jorgen Leth í aðalhlutverki.

The film was later seen in five different versions when Leth was challenged by filmmaker Lars von Trier, which were compiled in The Five Obstructions.

Short clip:

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