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Physical Cinema

What is Physical Cinema?


A cinema driven by physical awareness of the body or the camera. Movement can physicalize the subtext of words, while words can provide context or counterpoint to the movement. This interplay creates a rich, multilayered narrative. Body language as dialogue.

Storytelling in movement-based films can be conveyed through evolution of the movement awareness, understanding "why are you moving like that"'. Spatial relationships between interplay of the performers and their environment is important to the story and to explore the movement behind and front of the camera are visual motifs for the structure and pacing of the film itself. In a workshop like this we explore the artist's voice, idea to script, history of the relations btw. movement in film, creative writing and the language of the body, even when the body is not there.


Workshop will be held during the festival dates. Check out FB page or ask info and registration here

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