Physical Cinema

Workshop and lectures in Physical

Cinema will be held during or around

the festival dates


Mentor Helena Jonsdottir has worked within 

Physical Cinema for 20 years.

She has been teaching at the; 

Iceland Academy of the Arts, 
Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, 

University of Gothenburg MA/CPA, 

The Icelandic Film School, 

Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication,

 Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 

+ freelance workshops and lectures  

at festivals, arts residencies and other institutions.


"Pioneer in dance making in Iceland - DV.

Helena Jónsdóttir receives a cultural prize

in the category of dance performances for 

pioneering work of dance and film in Iceland".


WORKSHOP Skapandi kvikmyndargerð / Physical Cinema, creative filmmaking
25. maí til 1. júní  kl. 13:00-16:00


LHÍ Þverholt 11, Reykjavík 

admission fee 3000 kr

Upplýsingar og umskókn / Info and registration: